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Present: Anjan Reddy, Damodhar Shankar, Kanan Kumrah, Dinesh Bhat, Doraivelu Palanivelu, Kapil Rajvanshi, Vinith Poduval, Ravi Vir, Tilak Andhole, Uma Mallela

Not Present: Kamaljit Paul, Ravikiran Reddy, Anil Arora 

Quorum: Quorum to conduct normal business and 3/4th majority voting was established

Meeting Note Taker: Kapil Rajvanshi

1. Approval of Oct and Nov 2015 meeting minutes:

  • BOD members unanimously approved 10/25/15 & 11/22/15 BOD minutes of the meeting.  No BOD meeting was conducted in December 2015 due to holidays and non-availability of BOD members. 

2. Temple Operations/Programs:

  • Operations committee will plan for all major events in 2016 to increase participation and consider innovative ideas like raffles, prizes at events, kids activities etc. 
  • Tilak ji informed that Pundit Ji has planned a vacation for India from June 26-July 18 2016. It was proposed that temple will be open on weekends only during this time and weekend pundit coverage will be split between Anjan Ji & dinesh Ji. The motion was passed unanimously.
  • Tilak ji informed the board that Security Cameras have been installed and are up and running. They can be accessed remotely. Access has been granted to Tilak Ji, Vinith Ji, Kapil Ji & Ravikiran Ji. 

3. Financial Reports and Approvals:

  • The financials for the temple were reviewed and found satisfactory.
  • Anjan Ji shared the independent accountant’s report on audit of donations and expenses. It was found satisfactory.
  • The Financials and CPA’s audit was passed unanimously.
  • Doraivelu ji proposed to transfer the money collected for Murthi Sthapana project in a CD or Money market account so that we can get some interest. It was approved unanimously.

4. Communication:

  • Kapil ji informed that weekly communication template will be enhanced to include information for event sponsorship levels, promote private Pujas and link to 2016 events calendar. It was agreed unanimously.

As there are no other items in the agenda, the Chairman adjourned the meeting.

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