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Dear Devotees: Our endeavor has always been to be a place of worship, bring social and cultural heritage to our devotees, especially our children & grand children. We are pleased to inform that HTNEW is on its way to enhance the spiritual enrichment program offerings to our devotees in the community. We celebrated a large number of religious functions in the last four years with record participation of devotees. The outdoor Havans and Hindu Mela events have been very successful as well.

“Acts of sacrifice, charity and penance are not to be given up; they must be performed. Indeed, sacrifice, charity and penance purify even the great souls.”

Our scriptures declare that the Temple is abode of God, vibrant and full of life manifesting through the Deities. We will all enjoy seeing our Temple reverberating with religious chants, hymns, Shlokas, Abhishekas, Havans, Pujas, and other rituals.

Update on Temple activities and Fundraising:

  1. We recently hired a full‐time priest, Pt. Srinivasan. We are blessed to have Pundit Srinivasan, who is fluent in English, Hindi, Telugu, & Tamil. Pundit ji is doing an outstanding job. He also conducted several functions and pujas for devotees at their homes and in the Temple.

  2. With the hiring of our full time priest, our temple is now open 6 days a week, in an effort to provide better temple access to devotees. We are improving communication with the Temple devotees through our Website and emails. We will be launching a new website within next few months.

  3. Our monthly operational expenses are $7,500 per month, which includes mortgage, maintenance, utilities, and priest salary. We need your continued help and support to operate the temple and to provide outstanding temple experience to devotees.

  4. The Diwali Celebration in the Temple is scheduled for evening of November 14, 2015. As in the previous year, we are planning for a fun‐filled Fundraising Event. We are now ready to kickoff the fundraising for the “MURTHI (IDOLS) STHAPANA PROJECT” with the goal of taking the temple to next level.

MURTHI STHAPANA PROJECT description, fundraising, and timeline,

  1. Plan to install 7 main murthis. Ganesha, Durga mata, Shiva lingam, Venkateshwara (incl.

    Sridevi, Bhudevi), Ram Parivar (Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman), Krishna & Radha, and Navagrahas. Potential project cost including expansion of temple hall is $350,000. Expansion of temple hall is ideal for proper placement & viewing of deities.

  2. Raise minimum $125,000 in year 2015 and another $125,000 in year 2016 for project.

  3. Take a bank loan for the remaining balance.

  4. Expand the building, install the deities, & Kumbabhishekam complete by August 2017.

Temple management requests the devotees to DONATE generously to the “MURTHI STHAPANA PROJECT”. 

Please download and read our entire appeal letter.

Download the Murthi Sthapana Project Pledge Form

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