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Present: Anjan Reddy, Kapil Rajvanshi, Ravikiran Reddy, Tilak Andhole, Dinesh Bhat, Shakti Shukla, Doraivelu Palanivelu, Pavan Kasulabada, Ravi Vir, Damodhar Shankar, Vinith Poduval

Not Present: Uma Mallela Kanan Kumrah, Kamaljit Paul, Anil Arora

Quorum: Quorum to conduct normal business and voting was established

Meeting Note Taker: Ravi Vir/Kapil Rajvanshi

  1. Approval of August 2017 meeting minutes:

BOD members unanimously approved August minutes of the meeting.


  1. Temple Operations/Programs:

Following items were discussed:    

  • We are still receiving some donations towards Murthi Sthapna project. Donor wall will be updated with the donations till date. If we run out of space, we can use a laminated sheet and update the wall with final updates in 2018. Murthi Sthapna project will close on 12/31/2017.
  • There were major events in August – Varlakshmi Vratam, Janamasthami, Satyanarayan Puja, and Ganesh Chaturthi. All events witnessed good participation.
  • For Janamashthamim very less participation was witnessed for the midnight event on a weekday. We need to re-think the need of this next year.
  • It was proposed, and unanimously approved, that all major Hindu festivals will have a small celebration on the actual date of the festival and the bigger public event will follow on the next weekend. To increase participation and donations, all major festivals will need to be celebrated on weekends.
  • Garba event at the temple was a big success. Next year we need to plan the event outside in a bigger setup. Upcoming events at the temple in OCT and their ownership was discussed:     
  • Sept 30th  – Dussera
  • Oct 8th  – Karwa Chauth – Kanan Ji & Shakti Ji
  • Oct 21st -  Diwali – All BOD
  1. Communication:   
  • Kapil ji proposed that we should create a 12-page flip calendar. Religious committee should finalize the 2018 event calendar by October and find 6-8 sponsors to cover printing costs.  We will have it for sale by January 1 for devotees.      
  1. Misc:
  • Temple insurance has been upgraded to cover the newly installed Murthis, new temple hall and new Mandap.  Premium will increase by $500. The cost increase was approved.  
  • Tilak Ji, Vinith ji & Kapil ji met Pundit Srinivasan to discuss his performance.  


  1. By Laws update:  
  • Final changes will be circulated by end of Sept along with the board resolutions document. A tentative conference call is scheduled for Oct 4, 7pm.    


  1. Financial Reports and Approvals:     
  • Temple Financials were reviewed and found satisfactory.


As there were no other items in the agenda, the Chairman adjourned the meeting.



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