Abhiram Ji has 14 years of experience and specializes in conducting all types of pujas: Gruha Pravesha, Satyanarayan Puja, Ganapati Homa, Navgraha Homa, Abhisheka, and all types of Alankara.

He completed his religious education in Pancharatra Agama from the Department of Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Bangalore.

He has varied work experience and has worked in Sri Veeranjanaya Temple, Bangalore, Sri Venkateshware Temple Pittsburgh, Sri Siddi Vinayaka Cultural Center CA, and Portland Balaji Temple.

Pandit Abhiram Ji has moved to the Fox Valley area along with his wife Kavitha and a 4-year-old son Sarvajith.

If you have any upcoming puja that you would like him to conduct at your home, you can contact him by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling the temple at 920-462-4273.