Mata Ki Chowki is a devotional program/event, dedicated to Maa Durga / Vaishno Devi MataRani. Maa Durga is the embodiment of divine energy and creative power. Mother not only creates a child from her body and energizes but becomes the biggest and the most effective teacher of her child to mould its future. The blessings of Maa Durga are needed to negotiate the rough course of life. One should perform MATA KI CHOWKI to get blessed by her divine powers and get one’s wishes fulfilled.


Program Details

5:00 PM Ganesh Puja, Navgraha Puja
5:30 PM Devi Puja, Jyot Prachand (lighting of the main big Jyot / Deep)
6:00 PM Singing of Devi Bhajans / Bheints
6:15 PM Offering of Shingaar to Devi Mata along with singing, Offering of Ardaas to Devi Mata along with singing
7:00 PM Offering of Chunni to Devi Mata along with singing Offering Bhog to Devi Mata, Kanjak and lonkara Puja (worshiping to little girls, 10 yrs or younger, and at least one little boy)
7:45 PM Durga Mata and Sarvadevata Aarti, followed by Prasad (Mata Ka Langar / Dinner).


Mata Ki Chowki Event Sponsored by:
Dr. Dilip and Ritu Tannan Ji's Family 
Vikas and Sonia Narendra Ji's Family 
Dr. Vikas Khullar and Mehak Chopra Ji's Family
Dr. Richa Aggarwal & Dr. Kamal Abbi Ji's Family
Sudhansh and Sandhya Goel Ji's Family
Dr. Raj & Kanan Kumrah Ji's Family
Anju & Rajan Chopra Ji's Family
Rekha & Parduman Singh Ji's Family


Sponsorship Donation What Devotee gets?
Event Sponsor $1,001 Devi Silver Coin, Devi Puja, Archana each Friday for 12 months. 
Mataha Ki Chowki $501 Devi Silver Coin, Devi Puja, Archana each Friday for 6 months
Mala Sponsor $101 Devi Mala Puja, Free Calendar.
Vishesha Sankalpam $51 Vishesha Sankalpam Puja, Free Calendar.
Archana Sankalpam $31 Archana Sankalpam
Please Note: Chunnies will be available for purchase $21, $31, $51 at front desk.
Recurring Donation $30 /Month  One Sankalpam puja each month, free calendar
To Sponsor Puja: Register online or Contact Ramarao Karpe (317-332-7292) or Dr. Ravi Kiran (920- 530-4889).

Please select Donation / Puja you would like to sponsor. Please make sure you enter names how you pronounce.  Pundit Ji will perform Puja with your Gotra Namas.